KK-8305 Girl's Frock - Materials List

Fabric suggestions:
Choose a light weight cotton. Prints should be very small in scale. Fine quilting cottons are generally an acceptable weight. It can also be made of fine cotton, such as cambric, batiste, lawn or mull. However, when using batiste, lawn or mull, proper period style undergarments may become critical because of the sheerness of the fabric.

Yardage: View A or View B (without optional lower sleeve)

44-45 wide Sizes 2-4* Sizes 5-12*
  1-1/2 yards 3 yards
54 or wider same as above Sizes 5-12*
    2 yards
    * without optional Lower Sleeve

For optional Lower Sleeves   Sizes2-6  add 1/2  yard, Sizes 6X7-12 add 5/8 yard of  any width fabric

1/8 wide cotton or linen tape or Size #3 crochet cotton cord, or good cotton string 5 yards for drawstrings
1/4 wide cotton or linen tape for drawstring waistline casing 2 yards

Helpful tools:
Yardstick and ruler
Washout Fabric Marking Pen
Large-eyed Blunt Needle (large enough for drawstring, but small enough to go through casing)