Girl's Bonnets KK-8603

Size Head circumference Ear to Ear (below)
Small up to 20-1/2 inches 15-3/4 inches
Medium up to 21-1/4 inches 16-1/2 inches
Large up to 22 inches 17-1/4 inches

Basic Materials information: Please see detailed information in pattern.
Silk taffeta is preferable for these bonnets. Other fabrics may be used, but consider the weight and thickness because the back neckline may not draw up tight enough to fit well.

For bonnet of all one color:
2/3 yard 45" wide, or 5/8 yard 54" or wider
For bonnet with front brim lining of another color:
Same as above for outer/main color, plus
5/8 yard for inner color.

Ribbon or tape to match or go with outer fabric - 1/4 or 3/8 inch wide, 3/4 yard

Thread - both heavy and regular weight matching threads.

Other materials required:

Pasteboard - now commonly called "chipboard". Use "single thickness". See notes in pattern regarding the grain and other important information.

Shellac and denatured alcohol - used to treat and stiffen the pasteboard.

Millinery wire (optional) - 18 or 19 gauge, 2/3 yard

Special Tools:

Strong straight needle with eye large enough for heavy thread
Small curved needle
Strong scissors or mat knife to cut pasteboard
Tailors chalk or pencil to show on fabric
Strong pins
Paint brush or sponge brush for shellac
Can to hold alcohol for clean up, and paper towels.