18th Century Re-enacting

Fritz has been involved in re-enacting since 1978, and Kathleen since 1982 (plus the bicentennial celebrations!).

Fritz started in Campeau's Company, Detroit Militia, a Northwest Territorial Alliance unit, and participated in the Gilford Courthouse event in 1980. He then joined the 84th Regiment of Foot, The Royal Highlander Immigrants, and participated in the Yorktown event in 1981.

Kathleen started with independent research and voyageur re-enacting, and as a flintlock muzzleloader enthusiast.

Since 1989, we have together been involved in McCarty's Company, Illinois Regiment a unit of both The Brigade of the American Revolution, Northwest Department (BAR-ND) and The Northwest Territorial Alliance (NWTA). We are also members of the sutler unit Baldwin's Company of the NWTA. We have also continued independent membership in the North American Voyageur's Council, because of our interest in the history they represent.

We are also members of the George Rogers Clark Heritage Association, which sponsors the Fair at New Boston in Springfield, Ohio, and co-chaired the 1996 Fair, also known as "The Landowners".

Fritz Kannik and John McCoy

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Fritz (left) and John McCoy, a new re-enactor who is very enthused about making his every detail as authentic as possible the first try! Fritz is wearing the uniform of the Illinois Regiment, McCarty's Company during the American Revolutionary War. John is wearing of hunting shirt of the same era, and is representing a longhunter.

FritzChelsey.gif (121324 bytes) Fritz and Kathleen attended the Living History Trade Fair in Fremont, Ohio in February 2000 as featured guests. They brought along their patterns, research and many garments made in the process of developing patterns for Kannik's Korner. It was an opportunity to meet new people and answer questions for those working on new clothing for their characters.

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Fritz found a new friend, Chelsey, at the Fremont Living History Trade Fair. Chelsey is a young reenactor who attended with her parents and sister. She found the handwork that Fritz was doing to be very interesting.

If you are interested in knowing more about these re-enacting groups you can link to them, or e-mail them.

The Brigade of the American Revolution

The Northwest Territorial Alliance

If you are looking for costume patterns and related books for living history, see Kannik's KornerTM

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