Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!

Springfield gets record 15 inch (38 cm) snowfall in a 24 hour period,
December 22-23, 2004

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snow inside.jpg (393342 bytes)
Snow blew inside the back door to the deck. This has happened before, but never this much.
snow at door.jpg (293206 bytes)
When we opened the door, it was a little deep for the cat to go out!
snow peter.jpg (481679 bytes)
Fritz shoveled the front steps, but it was too cold for the cat to stay for his photo!
house snow.jpg (466685 bytes)
Kathleen waded through knee deep snow to cross the street for photos.
house snow3.jpg (470322 bytes)
When she got there, she realized her camera disk was full and she had to go back again!
snow rear view.jpg (749314 bytes)
The view from the back kitchen window is bright and splendid!
snow on cars.jpg (419332 bytes)
Kathleen shoveled the driveway in the afternoon Dec. 22, but by morning the 23rd, it was filled deeper.
snow car.jpg (533123 bytes)
The view toward downtown, shows the conditions on a main street. Side streets had not been plowed.
snow cones.jpg (316727 bytes)
Our orange safety cones are just visible at the walk.

snow high street.jpg (541274 bytes)
The view east on our street is snow covered and slow traveling, but quiet and beautiful.
front door.jpg (403473 bytes)
Merry Christmas
from our house to yours!