Distance view of stripping the turret

The Roof Project at Kannik's Old House

Distance view of stripping the turret roof

Our house is a Queen Anne style Victorian home in one of the historic districts. It was built around 1885, and the building family lived in it at least until around 1930. In 1927 their son attended the wedding of his friend from across the street, where he met and fell in love with the Kansas cousin of the bride! Then widowed, the mother did not want her "bachelor" son to move away, so the house was carefully divided into upper and lower flats. The mother lived upstairs and the son and new daughter-in-law moved in downstairs.

We purchased the house in 1989, and have done extensive work already. We have slowly been working on the outside, following advice from our special paint experts at 800 Paint Place! Letting the house strip itself, and using solid stain in the process was a mind, body, soul and pocket-book saver! It has given us the time to work on other more critical things, like plumbing, and now the roof. Getting our own Simon aerial lift has been the best "power tool" we have ever purchased! [The mechanical classes will have to follow....]

We thought it would be fun to share some of our photos as we progress on our biggest part of the restoration project, so that family and friends can understand where we are, why we answer the phone out of breath, and why we aren't showing up at places we usually show up!


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