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Books about 18th and early 19th century textiles

  • New! Available January 28, 2014.

    Great News for textile enthusiasts!

    The long awaited printed textile book Wearable Prints, 1760-1860, History, Materials and Mechanics, by Susan W. Greene, is finally in print, and will begin shipping January 28, 2014.

    This is a very special book, with valuable information for anyone working with textiles of this period. It will be the standard "go-to" book for determining whether a modern printed fabric is appropriate for use in reproduction garments. It will also be valuable in identifying original printed textiles and learning the processes required to create them.

    The retail list price is $100.00 but Amazon is listing it for pre-sale, so please click through to the right and check out the detailed information.

    This beautiful 600 page hardback is in limited quantity and it is doubtful it will be reprinted for many years.

     Please support Susan Greene's years of research on this project.

    Be sure to get your copy! Don't delay!

     I appreciate your click through from our web site. 

  • Hersh, Tandy and Charles. Cloth and Costume, 1750 to 1800, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Carlisle, PA: Cumberland County Historical Society, 1995. [ISBN 0-9638923-2-0]

    A volume representing a tremendous amount of research on original garments and textiles, and household inventories of the period. Great photos and wonderful, and useful charts and tables! [No image currently available]
    Cloth and Costume, 1750-1800: Cumberland...
  • Montgomery, Florence M. Textiles in America, 1650-1870. New York: Norton & Co., 1984. [ISBN 0-393-01703-6]

    "A Dictionary based on original documents, prints and paintings, commercial records, Amercan merchant's papers, shopkeepers' advertisements, and pattern books with original swatches of cloth."

  • Johnson, Barbara. Barbara Johnson's Album of Fashions and Fabrics. Edited by Natalie Rothstein. London: Thames & Hudson, 1987. [ISBN 0-500-01419-1]

    Barbara Johnson was born in 1738 and died in 1825. She kept an album of her dress fabric swatches in an old accounts journal. Be sure that you look at HER dates for the fabrics, rather than the dates of the original account book. The photograhy is excellent (at full scale) and you can almost pick up the pieces of fabric from the page! This is a great book to browse for ideas of what fabrics you should use.

  • Brédif, Josette. Printed French Fabrics - Toiles de Jouy. New York: Rizzoli, 1989. [ISBN 0-8478-1135-2]

    Fantastic photos of printed French fabrics - truly works of "joy"! The Oberkampf factory, near Paris, operated from 1760-1843, and produced some of the finest printed fabrics.

  • Hefford, Wendy. The Victoria and Albert Museum's Textile Collection, Design for Printed Textiles in England from 1750 to 1850. New York: Canopy Books, div. of Abbeville Press, 1992. [ISBN 1-55859-435-3]

    Great color photos of textile designs, repeat sizes for illustrations available in text, so you can figure the actual real life size the printed design would be on the fabric.

  • Stavenow-Hidemark, Elisabet, editor. 18th Century Textiles, the Anders Berch Collection at the Nordiska Museet. Stockholm: Nordiska museets förlag, 1990. [ISBN 91-7108-298-0]

    Photos of the textiles collected by the economics professor, Anders Berch (1711-1774) during his lifetime, as part of his collection of items used in his teaching.