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Kannik's Korner

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All illustrations, text and designs contained in this site are  Copyright 1982-2012 Kannik's Korner, or its licensors.
All rights are reserved, and none may be used without prior written permission.

Ready-made Period Clothing and Accessories

High quality ready made period clothing or accessories will be featured here as they are available. Please read details. These are not original garments or accessories, but well made reproductions.
If you have any questions about these items, feel free to contact us.
These garments and accessories may only be returned with pre-approval, and in the same condition as purchased. No rentals!

Powder HornPowder horn full image

This is a white and "blonde" horn, with great potential for scrimshaw work! It can use the touch of a fine craftsman to complete the shaping as desired. The horn itself was an excellent quality one purchased from Keith Wilbur. We are told this quality horn is hard to find these days. Todd Bitler made and fitted the butt plate. There is a plain wood plug in the tip. The horn belonged to a friend of ours who simply no longer had need of a powder horn. It has never been used, so to the best of our knowledge has never had powder in it.

We will only ship this horn within the continental US.
Click on any of the photos (including one above) for larger images.

Powder horn full image Powder horn tip
Powder horn full top image Powder horn end detail
Approximate Measurements: Tip of plug to butt plug (as the bird flies) 13-3/8".
Along outer curve, horn only, 15-3/4".
Circumference around butt 8-1/4".
Circumference around tip of horn c. 2".
Hole in tip, slightly over 1/4". Wall thickness at tip, minimum of 1/8".

If you have questions, please contact us BEFORE ordering this horn.
Powder Horn, as is, PH-1
  SALE $75.99

"Braces" or Suspenders c. 1790-1820

Hand sewn braces, or suspenders, for men's trousers.
This style is the same as those described in Kannik's Korner trousers pattern  KK-4303. The pattern was based on information from January 1812 French Imperial decree relating to uniform of foot troops, as well as contemporary illustrations.

These are made of linen, with linen and and/or cotton webbing, with brass buckles. Entirely hand sewn by Fritz Kannik, and local friends. They are adjustable at the front tab and buckle. They must be worn crossed in back. Buttons must be sewn to the trousers waistband in front and back, total of four buttons required (not included).
Approximate 1-1/4" wide  by 36" long.

Click the small image for larger detail view, showing inside of one strap, tab and buckle (left), and outside of other ends.

Braces - Diamond pattern,  B-D-1,  SOLD OUT

Please email for availability. There may be other styles available. Prices may vary.

Braces - Diamond strap

"Braces" or Suspenders c. 1790-1820

Same as above, but made of cream color herring bone weave cotton straps with narrow red center stripe, and off-white linen tabs. Brass buckles.

Braces - Red stripe, B-RS-1, $68.00 per pair  SOLD OUT

Please email for availability. There may be other styles available. Prices may vary.

Front view of Child's Pincloth

pincloth bk.jpg (124586 bytes)
Back view

pincloth det.jpg (127304 bytes)
Back and cloth
Currently available pincloth is mini-check in blue and natural/ecru.


Child's 18th Century Style Pincloth
Pincloths are to be used over children's clothing to keep the clothing clean. Opens in back, ties with narrow cotton tapes. Re-enforced in bottoms of arm slit hems for longer wear.

New, never worn.
Hand sewn. 100% cotton "homespun".
Dark blue and natural/ecru "check".
Made after directions printed in 1789!
Size fits c. 20" chest (max 22" chest).
Arm holes are 12-1/4" around.
Length is c. 27-1/2". Tucks can be made to shorten as needed.
NOTE: Photos are not of the one currently available!
The one currently available has a second set of ties in back just below armhole level. The fabric is a very small blue and natural/ecru check, approx. 12 to the inch. Fabric has flaws, common to homespun.
Flammable, but natural fiber.
One available. 
Made by Kannik's Korner.
$44.95 each SALE $24.99

Please note we also have two small girl's checked cotton bibbed aprons available for sale.
Email if interested before they are listed. One red & white and one dark blue & white. Tape ties. Hand sewn. 100% cotton.