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All illustrations, text and designs contained in this site are  © Copyright 1982-2012 Kannik's Korner, or its licensors.
All rights are reserved, and none may be used without prior written permission.

Notices of Corrections or Notes to Patterns or Books
After you have read the notice/s, please use your Back button to return
to the page you were on.

Inkjet printed patterns

Special inkjet printed pattern notice:
This pattern is currently available as an inkjet print on white translucent bond paper.
Do not use a steam iron on the paper, as it may cause the ink to bleed or transfer.

The instructions for making button-holes was not included in the Sewing Techniques. Patterns sold by Kannik's Korner after 4/19/2010 have this errata included. You can also find button-hole information in the sewing book, "Workman's Guide to Tailoring Stitches...[Book III]". Patterns printed after 5/24/2012 have the information included in the booklet.

Click here for a .pdf file regarding the button-holes.

Adobe Reader is required to view this page. You can download it free at this site.
Please note, we do not recommend downloading the McAfee software that may be offered with the Adobe Reader download. Please uncheck that if you do not want it before beginning the download.

  Size designation on Front - Sizes 34-36-38 pattern piece:
The size designation numbers on the armscye lines (armhole lines) are reversed for sizes 34 and 38. Please follow the lines for the size desired, and use the size designation numbers from the shoulder lines. This has been corrected on patterns with an update of 9/7/2012 or later, and only affects patterns printed on white translucent bond paper.

Pattern KK-4303 Man's Trousers October 13, 2011:
Step 4e has been deleted, and step 6 has been revised. (These steps were both doing the same thing - finishing the pocket bags.)
The chart in step 9d has been corrected. The larger measurements should be from the side, and the smaller measurements from the Center Back (CB).

Man's Outer Breeches

The yardage required for View B of our pattern KK-4304, Man’s Outer Breeches, is way off! It was obviously an editing error. View A should be fine as it is.

The corrected yardage for View B should be as follows:
Sizes 32-34 – 2-3/4 yards
Sizes 36-38 – 3 yards
Sizes 40-42 – 3-1/4 yards
Sizes 44-46 – 3-1/2 yards
Sizes 48-50-52 – 3-7/8 yards (to be safe for all three sizes)

Man's Double-Breasted Jacket

For all copies of this pattern sold prior to May 1, 2009 only. All patterns shipped after May 1, 2009 are correct on the tissue!
There was an error in the size designations on the Front Body Lining tissue pattern piece at the center front/neckline corner. On this pattern piece, at this point only, the sizes 38-40-42 are reversed with 46-48-50. Size 44 is correct.
Be sure to follow the line style for the size you are cutting!

This typographical error could result in an error in cutting the lining if you are cutting along the center front toward the neckline, but if cutting from the shoulder along the neckline, you will probably catch the error at the center front corner.  Please make a note of this on your tissue patterns. All patterns shipped after May 1, 2000 are labeled with this notice.

Sizes 42-52
On the Bearer pattern of the larger size group only: The group of arrows and size numbers pointing to the dot marks at the bottom of the bearer, are offset by one dot. Mark the dots by their proper size number, so that the top dot is size 42 (not marked as any size on uncorrected patterns), and the bottom dot is, of course, size 52. Patterns printed after 2-5-08 have been corrected.

Woman's Shift
Second Half of the 18th Century

The marks on the pattern which were intended to assist in altering the length were incorrectly spaced. If you need to alter the length, a correction sheet is available to place over the marks. All patterns packaged since 1997 have included this correction sheet! If you did not get a correction sheet with your pattern, and you need to alter the length, please e-mail us with your mailing address, and we will be happy to send this sheet to you. If you have purchased the recent tracing paper/inkjet printed version, the corrections have been made on the pattern, and no corrections are required for making alterations as described in the pattern directions.

Infant's Clothing

On the infant cap and boy's cap or night cap tissue patterns, the size designations for 6 months and twelve months have been reversed. This will be quite apparent if observing the sequence of sizes! Please make a note of this on your tissue patterns.