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Women's Patterns 1790-1820
Authentic, Documented Historic Clothing Patterns
for the Living History, Museum and Theatrical Costumer

Women 1730-1800 Women 1790-1820 Children & Infants
Men 1750-1800 Men 1790-1830 Accessories

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New! Woman's Night Cap
c. 1790-1820

A beautiful and delicate style Night Cap, meant for wear in bed and for warmth. This is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe for camping. Keep one in your gear. It is also wonderful for the bedroom on cold nights, or just for fun.

This pattern is inspired by the instructions given in “The Lady’s Economical Assistant”, by a Lady, originally printed in 1808, and is documented with similar original night caps. Construction techniques are based on minimal information included in the primary source and typical construction used in original caps.

The night cap is made with a double layer front head piece for warmth. It is intended to have a double ruffle round the face. It can be made with or without ruffles on the ends of the bands. Front ruffles can be made with tapered or square ends. It can be worn with the bands hanging loose, tied in a bow, or wrapped around the neck.

Detailed, illustrated hand sewing instructions are given. However, if you need a night cap solely for cold events, or winter emergencies, and don't care about authenticity in sewing, one can be made fairly quickly on machine if you have a rolled hem attachment. Modern machine method steps are also provided for this purpose.

This cap pattern is in one size only, based on original information, but can be easily altered per instructions. The pattern is on tissue paper.

Pattern KK-6105

$12.00 US each

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© 2014 Kannik's Korner

New! Woman's Caps and Bonnets
c. 1790-1820

This full scale pattern includes two day caps which are based on originals, and four bonnet styles inspired by originals and numerous contemporary illustrations. The patterns are on tissue paper and include the embroidery for View A, as well as three border pattern options for View B. There are four bonnet front shapes, made with pasteboard stiffened brims, and the caul (soft back part) can be attached over or under the front, pleated or gathered. These options alone provide 16 variations, plus there are four sizes of cauls and directions for optional ties.

The twenty page booklet includes documentation, as well as extensive instructions. Embroidery tips and some special techniques are included. Hand sewing stitches and techniques are also included.

Basic embroidery stitches are not included.

Sizes: Cap A - 2 sizes; Cap B- 3 sizes;
Bonnets - sizes vary.

Pattern KK-6603
$18.00 US each


KK-6603 Caps and Bonnets

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A Matching Girl's Bonnets pattern is available.

Notions and Tools for above Bonnets

Pre-cut "Bonnetboards"
Ready-made pasteboard bonnet fronts

These are the prepared stiffener layer of the bonnets from our pattern. They are hand cut of single thickness pasteboard, with two coats of shellac. They may need to be touched up, as described in the KK-6603 pattern directions.
No directions are included with the pasteboard fronts. Order Pattern KK-6603 above for pattern and directions.
They will ship flat, in a large package, so there must be a place where the package can be delivered safely out of the weather and wind.

Pasteboard Front - KK-6603-PF
$18.00 each

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Curved Needle for Bonnet Making
and other sewing

Click image for larger view

Curved needles make it much easier to sew in the lining of the front brim on a pasteboard bonnet brim. These needles are made in England.
From eye to point measures 1-5/8".
Sold two needles per pack.

Curved Needle/2 pack - CN-2
$1.00 per pack


Woman's Shift

A full size pattern of this undermost garment, useful for Empire and Federal style gowns, with a drawstring neckline to help adjust shift to gown neckline, and short sleeves to go with the fashion of the period. Based on original cutting directions, with construction techniques from several extant garments.

Includes sizes XS-S-M-L-XL-2X-3X.

Pattern KK-6103
$18.00 US each

Woman's Shift - 1790-1820

Woman's and Girl's Caps
Everyday Headwear

View A: Round Eared Cap has several variations, including single or double ruffles, and ruffles that are continuous and un-split at top center of the forehead, or that are split at that point. There are also two sizes of caul (back piece) for the woman's size, which can accommodate different head sizes and hairstyles, and a Girl’s or Small Woman’s size. The caul neckline has a narrow drawstring. c.1740-1810.
View B: Mob Cap is quite adjustable, and is given only in the size of the original caps. The top of the headpiece (front piece) has two delicate drawstrings, and the caul neckline has a narrow drawstring. c. 1740-1820. Worn especially by older women during the early 1800s.
View C: Grand Coiffe is a sheer cotton muslin head covering frequently worn over another cap, such as the round eared cap, sometimes under a hat, and is also worn for un-dress (inside home) without a cap. It can have a very narrow lace trim on the hems. The back of the head has a delicate drawstring, which draws up the triangular cut of the coiffe into a nicely fitting shape. c. 1730-1790.

Learn More about the Mob Cap,
View B

Pattern KK-6602
$18.00 US each

Woman's Short Cloak
Second half of the 18th Century (1750-1800)

A comfortable, functional, working cloak.
Just right for cool days and chilly nights! Based on original eighteenth century cutting directions, with construction techniques from several extant garments.

Includes sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL.

Pattern KK-6901
$16.00 US each


Woman's Short Cloak

Hot Tip!

Stockings, Pockets & Mitts

A full scale, multi-size, pattern for constructed stockings for men or women, with instructions for custom fitting. Can be made of knitted cloth, or of linen cut on the bias (good for 17th, 18th, early 19th century). Five pocket styles, including three mid-18th century (English, Scotch, & Italian), and two second half 18th century from America. Also includes a pattern for women's common linen mitts, cut on the bias (one size).

Includes stocking sizes S-M-L-XL-2X-3X

Pattern KK-6001
$15.00 US each

Stockings, Pockets & Mitts