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Men's Patterns 1790-1830
Authentic, Documented Historic Clothing Patterns
for the Living History, Museum and Theatrical Costumer

Women 1730-1800 Women 1790-1820 Children & Infants
Men 1750-1800 Men 1790-1830 Accessories

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Manís Waistcoats
Worn by Both Common Working Men
and Fashionable Men
c. 1790-1815

Includes full scale patterns and directions for five views and either a single or double layer back.


Special notice: This pattern is currently available as an inkjet print on wide translucent bond paper. Do not use a steam iron on the bond paper, as it may cause the ink to bleed or transfer.

Errata: regarding button-holes
Errata: regarding size designation on Front - 34-36-38

Pattern KK-4202
$22.00 US each

Man's Trousers

c. 1790-1810

Fall front straight trousers pattern for common working men and some fashionable men. Designed for the waistband to be worn just above natural waist (i.e. above hip bones). It includes directions for making closer fitted legs, and fitting information for "mature figures" with bellies! Three variations of fall binders included: pointed (shown), rounded or square (not shown). Optional watch pocket in waistband. Vents at ankles.
Includes pattern and directions for making "Braces" (suspenders), which help to keep the trousers at the higher fashionable waistline!

See notice on the larger size group.

Waist sizes 28-42 or 42-52.

Special notice: Pattern with sizes 28-42 is on pattern tissue. Pattern with sizes 42-52 is currently available as an inkjet print on wide translucent bond paper. Do not use a steam iron on the bond paper, as it may cause the ink to bleed or transfer.

Pattern KK-4303
$20.00 US each
Be sure to select your size below,
before adding to the cart!

Size Group :

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window for larger view!

Notions Correction -
Trousers require 5 3/4 inch button molds
and 4 5/8 inch button molds

Other Pattern Corrections and updates
Click here

Suspender Buckles

These brass buckles can be used to make the suspenders that are described in the trouser pattern KK-4303 to the left.
Image is shown on 1" grid
Instructions or other supplies are NOT included with these buckles.
Buckles-303 - One Pair

Temporarily out of stock


Man's Shirt
English Style

A full size shirt pattern, based on original 1808 English cutting directions, with construction techniques from various original shirts.

Directions for variations of bosom ruffles included.

Includes sizes XS-S-M-L-XL-2X-3X.

Pattern KK-4102
$16.00 US each

Man's Shirt - 1790-1830

Click here to see photo details
of a c. 1780 reproduction shirt!

  Note - the cut might be different, but the
construction techniques are similar. 

Man's Outer Breeches


A protective garment used by sailors,   fishermen, farmers and field workers.
Based on original garments and contemporary illustrations. Side pocket slits to reach breeches pockets, and optional watch pocket or watch pocket access flap (to reach breeches watch pocket). Center front opening without fly buttons. Single lacing vent in back of waistband.

Waist sizes 32-42 or 42-52

Pattern KK-4304

$20.00 US each
Size Group :


 Man's Outer Breeches or "Slops", KK-4304

Correction Notice! Pattern KK-4304 yardage.

Menís Accessories
Common Items used by Men of all Classes
c. 1740-1830

Includes full scale patterns and directions for:

  Linen Neck Stock*, three views for different buckle styles, neck sizes 13-1/2 through 19-1/2 inches;
  Apron, basic pattern with waistcoat button-hole and ties, S-M-L-XL;
  Mittens*, cloth, leather or fur, sizes 3XS Ė 4XL;
  Hood, cloth, with button face flaps, flares onto shoulders, in 1/4 hat sizes 6 through 8-1/2;
  Linen Night Cap, one size;
  Folded Pocketbook, two or four section styles, and
  Tied Pocketbook, with scalloped flap, in one or two section styles, with suggested needlework patterns;
  and directions for making a Wallet, a bag used to carry goods and belongings over the shoulder (not illustrated on cover).

* inspired from Diderot and Garsault Encyclopedias

Pattern KK-4001

$16.00 US each

KK-4001 Cover
Click image and maximize
window for larger view!

Suggestions and
sources for
neck stock buckles

New! Man's Gaiters or Spatterdashes
For Infantry, Militia and Civilians
c. 1790 - 1820

Includes full scale patterns and directions for seven
styles of gaiters, plus three tongue (piece over the toe of the shoe) variations. This gives a total of twenty-one variations in one pattern. This is a great pattern for styles from the era, and can be easily adapted for other eras from Revolutionary War thru "Steampunk". It can also be used to make gaiters for band uniforms and even hiking.

Gaiters give protection for the stockings, feet
and ankles. For military use, these should be made in Canvas and "Blacked" or made according to regulations. They can be made of sturdy linen for civilians. The height is for mid-calf with info on alterations and fitting. Ladies might even like to try them in linen or cotton for outdoor activities!

Includes sizes S, M, L, 1X, 2X and 3X
with instructions for altering pattern and fitting.

Pattern KK-4801

$18.00 US each

Black Horn Buttons
for Gaiters

These buttons are c. 5/8 inch diameter, flat, two hole, and about 1/8" thick or less. Our Gaiters pattern requires 18 buttons, and we are packing these in sets of 20 so there are two extra in case of loss or a weak button. Hand made characteristics. Click image for larger view. Not available for shipping to some countries.

BHB-20 Set of 20 Black Horn Buttons

Temporarily out of stock


Click image for larger view

  View A1 - Peaks in front and rear

  View A2 - Peak in front and round (or smooth) in rear

  View B1 - Notched front (creating double peaks) and rear peak. Shown with pointed tongue.

  View B2 - Notched in front and round in rear

  View C - Styled after Hessian boots

  View D1- Round style - smooth around top

  View D2 - Round front and peak in back - common in the Revolutionary War era, and carries into the early 1800s for civilians.

The tongue styles are Round one piece (simplest to construct), Pointed one-piece (has more shaping), and Pointed two-piece (not shown - offers more fitting possibilities)