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Suggestions for neck stock buckles
for use with the linen stock in the Men’s Accessories pattern.

Women 1730-1800 Women 1790-1820 Children & Infants
Men 1750-1800 Men 1790-1830 Accessories


What neck stock should I use for which period, and what type of buckle is used with each style/width?

The neck stock to use depends on what time period you are doing, which determines the “height” (or width) of the stock.

If you will be using the neck stock for early to mid-18th century (1700s), the narrowest one with one buttonhole should be used. This one is as described and depicted in the original Garsault encyclopedia instructions. You will need a buckle with a single T-style end, which is called an "Anchor chape", to go into the single buttonhole on the tab. The "prongs" go into the linen tongue at the other end of the stock. This means it looks identical to a breeches buckle! [I suspect they were common buckles, and used interchangeably at the time, but who am I to throw a stick in the wheels???] The other possibility is that there were buckles with only one "stud" (button-like knob), but to the best of our knowledge none are being reproduced, if they have been documented.

One of the best places to get buckles is Smiling Fox Forge, who reproduces numerous buckles.* http://www.smilingfoxforgellc.com
For the narrowest neck stock, with a single buttonhole, I would suggest either of these Anchor chape  buckles:
If you are doing a wider, later 1700s stock (the middle size in our pattern), I would suggest this buckle with three studs:
And, if you are doing the widest stock, for early 1800s, I would suggest this buckle with four studs:
Be sure to use very fine cloth for the gathered neck portion, and a nice quality linen for the ends.  The cloth must be very fine, like handkerchief linen or very fine cotton, in order to gather up well. The linen on the ends must be good quality, not too coarse but not to fine for the prongs, so that it will withstand the wear of the buckle. This will ensure success!

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