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Children and Infant's Patterns
Authentic, Documented Historic Clothing Patterns
for the Living History, Museum and Theatrical Costumer

Women 1730-1800 Women 1790-1820 Children & Infants
Men 1750-1800 Men 1790-1830 Accessories

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NEW! Girl's Bonnets
c. 1790-1820

This pattern is adapted for girls from our Woman’s Caps & Bonnets pattern KK-6603. Three of the bonnet style views have been adapted, and are labeled to match the woman’s views in case one wishes to have mother and daughter wearing the same style.

The pattern includes three bonnet brim styles, made with pasteboard stiffened brims, and the caul (soft back part) can be gathered or pleated and attached over or under the front brim, for a total of 12 variations. Optional ties.

Basic Materials and Supplies List

Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Printed on translucent bond,
with instruction booklet

Pattern KK-8603
$15.00 US each

Click for larger view

Basic Materials and Supplies List

Pasteboard fronts - $15.00 each
E-mail for availability

Girl's Frock
c. 1790-1820

This pattern is for a simple Frock (a term for a girl's  dress during this period), and includes two short sleeve styles plus optional detachable lower sleeves for multi-seasonal use or sun protection. The pattern also includes the pattern and instructions for an optional waist Sash!

The design is inspired from cutting instructions published in 1808, and features typical construction of the period. The optional detachable lower sleeves are inspired by those seen in women's gowns. Basic documentation included.

This frock has a back opening, and closes with the ends of the neckline drawstring and waistline drawstring, making it quite adjustable.
View A sleeves have drawstrings at the hem, and View B sleeves have a band. The detachable lower sleeves must be used with the View B sleeve so the lower sleeves can be attached to the band. The lower sleeves are simply basted inside the sleeve band when needed and basting threads are removed when they are not needed!

Includes Girls sizes:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6X/7, 8, 10, and 12.

Pattern KK-8305
$16.00 US each



A Full Size Pattern of a Simple Frock with Two Sleeve Styles plus Optional Detachable Lower Sleeves, and an Optional Sash
Click for larger view.

Click here for materials list and fabric suggestions.

Click here for size chart.


Pin-cloth for Girls and Boys
c. 1750-1820

This is a garment used to protect the child's clothes, and is used for play and daytime wear, as well as for meal time. It is great over a simple shift or gown.

Based on original eighteenth century cutting instructions and construction details.
Other documentation included.

There are two original sizes included:
Small fits up to c. 24" chest
Large fits up to c. 28" chest

This pattern does NOT have a drawstring neck.
It is closed by ties  in back (NOT pins!).
This is the predecessor to the "pinafore".

This is also a great pattern for modern children!
Pin-cloths are fun to make and are great baby gifts.

Pattern KK-8001
$7.00 US each

Tip: Look for fabric that has a good selvedge. It can save you some time if the garment is cut properly! Read the pattern instructions carefully before cutting!


Boy's Shirts Boy's Shirt and Work Shirt
Second Half of the 18th Century
( fashionable c. 1750-1800)
English Style

Based on original eighteenth century cutting instructions, with construction techniques from various original shirts.
Directions for bosom and sleeve ruffles included for shirt.

Includes shirt sizes 4 to 14, and
work shirt sizes 6 to 14.

Pattern KK-8101
$15.00 US each


Girl's Caps & Bonnet

c. 1750-1800*
Working Class English Style Headwear

Caps and bonnet based on original cutting instructions, with construction techniques from various originals. View A cap is for small girls, View B cap is in two sizes for older girls. The bonnet is in two sizes. All sizes are original! Instructions for determining which size to use are included. This bonnet is constructed over pasteboard (cardboard), and consequently has a firm front.See Woman's pattern information for more details about bonnets.

* Although this pattern was actively used during the period 1775-1800, and was originally published in a book in 1789, it is seen in paintings much earlier in the 1700s, and is also used well into the 1800s. Please see the following information for more details.
Learn more about bonnets!
Learn more about bonnet board!

Pattern KK-8601
$10.00 US each

Girl's Caps & Bonnet


See our Special Savings Offer
by clicking here!


Girl's Short Cloak

See our Special Savings Offer
by clicking here!

Girl's Short Cloak
c. 1750-1800

A comfortable, functional, working cloak.
Just right for cool days and chilly nights! Based on original eighteenth century cutting directions, with construction techniques from several extant garments.

Includes sizes 4, 7, 10

Pattern KK-8901
$12.00 US each


Infant's Clothing

c. 1750-1800

Based on original eighteenth century cutting instructions, with construction techniques from original garments and references.
Pattern Includes:
Shirt, Bedgown (two styles), Robe Blanket, Frock, Cap & Under Cap, Girl's Cap, Boy's or Night Cap. Also includes directions for Diapers, Rollers, Squares of Flannel and suggestions for Pilches/Diaper Covers. A brief history of infant's clothing included. Everything needed to get a new re-enactor started! These are "long clothes", intended for infants not yet walking, but tucks can be taken to shorten for children learning to crawl or walk.

Sizes included are
Original (approximately Newborn), and
6, 12 and 18 months
Please see our Notice on this pattern

Pattern KK-9001
$22.00 US each

Click Here for illustration of most of the clothing that can be made from this pattern!

Infant in Gown

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