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Dansk Modelteaterforening
"The Danish Model Theater Club"

Suffloren Dec. 1999 This is a great support group for people doing paper theater in Denmark. They usually have a performance once a month, at least, and also have technical presentations, and lectures on the history of toy theater.

They publish the magazine Suffløren, which reflects a lot of what is going on in the organization. There are a lot of technical articles included, however, both their website and magazine are only in Danish. If you visit, don't worry, as most people in Denmark speak some English!

danskcheruDansk Modeltheaterforening

Meeting Hours:
During fall, winter, spring,
usually every Thursday, at 19:30
Check schedule for summer activities

Meeting Room Address:
H.C. Ørsteds Vej 19A,
1879 Frederiksberg C.