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Model Theater Links
from Fritz Kannik

World-wide Group

Yahoo Toy Theatre Group
This is an online/email group that encompasses many facets of model theater.
You must be a member to view their pages and photos, but there is a lot of great information exchanged!
Click here to get to the sign up page.

Scandinavian Sites

Prior's Dukketeatre
Priors Modeltheaters

The Alfred Jacobson dealer, in Denmark, owned by Hanne Nelander.
Their model theater museum collection has moved to the Folk Theater in Copenhagen.
The actual store has closed.

Dansk Modeltheaterforening

formerly Dansk Dukketeaterforening

The Danish club for model theater fans, or
"the last paper theater Mohicans".
The photo above is from our May 2005
visit at the former meeting location.
Click image for larger view.


Model & Hobby




  et dukkrtheater

Swedish Flag  

German Sites

pollidorPollidor's Papier Curiosa
Papiertheater Pollidor
A most wonderful store to visit in person, as well as on the web! Located in Preetz, Germany.

Berlin Paper Theater
Papertheater - Berlin
A German site with information about what they call "room theater", model theater, and "desk theater".
If you need English, use the AltaVista translation program. Choose German to English in the "Translate a Web Page" section.  


German Flag

Das Papiertheater INVISIUS

A German company on the web.  

Römers Privattheater




The annual international
Paper Theater Meeting
is held in Preetz, Germany in September.

If you are seriously interested in learning more about paper theater, this is the place to go!
There are numerous performances, in a variety of performance styles.
There is a lot to learn and good people to meet.

Use the link above for the German version of the page, or click below for the Google translated version:
Preetz in English


Dutch Sites



The puppet theater museum
of the Netherlands

Theater at Fishmarket
Theater at Fishmarket

Harry Oudekerk, an enthusiast from the Netherlands. Harry and his wife organized the first International Paper Theater Festival
in 2007, and did another in 2009.

Phoenix Papieren
Phoenix Papieren Theater

This is the website of AbVissers,
a model theater specialist.

English Sites

Benjamin Pollock's
Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop

A British company on the web.

Pollock's Toy Museum
Pollock's Toy Museum

"A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured"
This London, England museum includes a collection of toy theater, as well as other Victorian toys.
Please also visit
Pollock's Toy Museum Trust

Making Toy Theatres
with Brian Marshall

Brian has some simple toy theaters that can be downloaded and printed out and assembled. There are even a few plays, with characters and sets!  

Hugo's toy theater
Hugo's Toy Theatre

An informative site on John Kilby Green,
by his 3x Great Grandson

The British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild.

Paperplays Puppet Theatre

Making Toy Theatres

Joseph Hope-Williams


Pollocks Toy Museum and Toyshop



North American Sites

Toy Theater Company
Toy Theatre Company
with Gigi and Glen Sandberg

An American toy theater company.
This site has lots of good information on toy theater!

We are very sad to say that Gigi Sandberg
passed away February 4, 2009.
We never had the opportunity to know her in person, but enjoyed knowing her by emails, phone, and by her exhibit in Florida and their web site. Her enthusiasm for model theater inspired many of us, and we appreciate the Sandbergs' promotion of this art form.
Click here for a memorial site.

US Flag
  Trish Lewis
Trish is a relatively new enthusiast,
but has done some great things on her web site,
and she set up a blog for toy theater.
(Hence, we have dropped our blog -
she is doing a great job!)

The vest pockrt playhouse

The Vest Pocket Playhouse
with fond memories of Jon Bankert, SSF

Jon had a tiny private theater on the grounds of Little Portion Friary, in Mount Sinai, New York, specializing in Toy Theater productions. He will be missed by many model theater enthusiasts.  

Great small works

Great Small Works

A theater company which sponsors an international toy theater festival, and also holds performances.

Toy theater sop
Toy Theatre Shop
with Don Ifert, in Pendleton, Indiana

English Toy Theatre and plays, produced by the English Toy Theatre Company.

with Alexis Xenakis

A site devoted to the love of paper creches, including a Creche Guild, downloads so you can make your own creche, and lots more!


Pyramus and Thisbe


"Miniatures in Motion"



A Toy Theater Guild has evolved (primarily) from the Puppeteers of America.
If interested, e-mail Bob Burns, who published a couple newsletters.