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Theater Photos
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Photos from a
Trips to Denmark

A performance, and behind the scenes at the former meeting room of the Danish Model Theater Club.
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Fritz's theater design
Fritz has designed a theater that can come apart easily for storage and transport. Here are some photos of his prototype. This is a Small size (D-size) theater. 

D theater 1.jpg (158846 bytes)

D theater 2.jpg (191440 bytes)

D theater 3.jpg (176192 bytes)

D theater 4.jpg (192770 bytes)

Front view

Side front

Front with

Front with

This theater can have interchangeable prosceniums and curtains, and it is built for the German and D-size range. Since these photos were taken, we have painted the wood framing, built a different width of floor, hung the curtains, added a lighting system, and applied a "hard wood" stage floor from doll house materials.
See the Purchase Theaters page for more information about the current version of his design. There are also photos of the basic theater.

This is a Large size (C size) theater that Fritz built for Gigi Sandberg of the Toy Theatre Company.

theater C front Fritz.GIF (114643 bytes)

theater C rear.GIF (119345 bytes)

theater C rear up.GIF (126570 bytes)

Fritz with a C Size

C Size - Rear View

C Size - Rear View

This is a side back view of a larger theater, photographed at a toy theater convention, showing behind-the-scenes workings.

Photos from a living history trade show, in Xenia, Ohio, where we displayed toy theater.

xfritzplay1.jpg (232035 bytes)
Fritz shows a young man how to operate figures.

xfritzplay2.jpg (226382 bytes)
Now, with a little more enthusiasm...

xfritzplay3.jpg (239082 bytes)
Now, with a lot of concentration!

xfritzsaundra.jpg (188353 bytes)
Fritz shows a friend the latest
Oldfux newsletter.