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Photos from trips to Denmark
You can click on the photos for a larger view.

Prior Proscenium with an older "Ole Lukkeøje" (Sand Man) curtain





A Royal Proscenium theater in a private home. The theater is placed in a doorway between a dining room and living room.


More photos to come!


A performance at the former meeting room of the Danish Model Theater Club. You can see the theater at the end of the room, and along the left side are display cases with various model theater scenes. Notice the red curtains at the end of the room, which surround the theater proscenium and hide the performers.


Before performance,
notice curtains

Room lights dim,
anticipation builds

After performance
notice curtain rods

Don't look behind
that curtain!

Fritz peeks in,
notice side floor

Side floor hinges
to fold out for more
stick support

Side view

Specialized lighting
and leg curtain rods
Right: Detail of the leg
curtain rods, which move
both curtains simultaneously.


Slide in scenery board,
with wings removed,
figure sticks shown

Figures and sticks
on slide in scenery
board, wings removed

Figures and sticks,
slide in scenery
board with wings in place

A scene from their
version of Carmen

Another scene from their version of Carmen
Click here to view a short video clip of Carmen!

This performance had a pre-recorded audio sound track because of all the music and singing.
Watch how the figure is moved so that the audience can see who is singing.

Note - your internet security may not allow you to view this video without giving permission, depending on the level of settings in your browser. You will also need a program such as QuickTime installed to view the video. It is a .mov file taken with a digital camera.

A Pantomime

More photos to come!