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A-Size Sheets

Some of these are reprints of Alfred Jacobsen model theater sheets, and others are from real theater set designers.

The A numbers are the Oldfux numbers, followed by a brief description, and Alfred Jacobsen (AJ) numbers from the original sheets. Sizes are approximately 15-3/4 inches high, and 22-1/2 inches wide.

These sheets work in our Alfred Jacobsen X-Large size proscenium.  These are also nice for framing!

All size A single sided sheets are $9.00 each.

oldfux logooldfuxsm


  A-001    Festival Hall
AJ, sheet 1097

  A-002 Wings - Festival Hall
AJ, sheet 1098

  A-003 Winter Forest
AJ, sheet 1018

  A-004 Winter Forest with Mountain
AJ, sheet 1019

A-005 Pine Forest in evening light
AJ, sheet 1004

A-006 Beech Forest
AJ, sheet 1050

New! A-007 Venus Cave I
with underground sea
Backdrop designed by Christian Jank,
for "Tannhauser", 1866.

New! A-008 Gothic Hall
Backdrop designed by Angelo Quaglio,
 for "William Tell", 1885.