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Model Theaters - Ready built for purchase

Basic TheaterThese are wood model theaters for use by adults, or, with adult supervision, by responsible children over the age of 6.* See safety note below. Despite the common name of "toy theater", this is primarily an adult hobby.  The theaters are also used for professional performances and theater set design.

These theaters are designed and built by Fritz Kannik. They are fairly light weight, and easy to set up and tear down for travel and storage. The side frames are the same size, and are inserted into slots in the back of the theater front, and held in place by turn screws. The frames are made of wood, and the front is faced with thin laminated plywood (Luan) and primed in black. Since these are made by hand they may vary slightly from theater to theater.
 See the photos page for more images of the basic theater.

The floor is made of hardboard (such as Masonite), and is not painted. There is a wood brace to go across the tops of the two side frames to support lighting, and for extra stability.

Lights are not included. We do not sell any lighting. Please see our lighting page at Tips and Tricks for some suggestions about lights.

This is a basic theater to start out with, and other features can be added, such as a trap door or curved back horizons. They can be equipped to work as a rope loft for scenery, or used with sliding scenery, and much more.

The decorative printed paper proscenium and curtain are not included. See the Proscenium pages for proscenium and curtain options. Be sure to order the size that matches your theater. Contact us if you have questions.

Small theaters can use most of our small prosceniums, or can be adapted to use mini-prosceniums.

The Large C-Size basic theaters we have in stock can only use the following large prosceniums:
        Barbara Proscenium
        Royal Proscenium
        1880 Proscenium

The Pegasus proscenium will not work with the large C-size basic theater because of the arch width.
Please select the Large Pegasus Style Basic Theater if you plan to use a Pegasus proscenium. The unmounted Pegasus proscenium comes with the Pegasus theater. [This is the only theater that comes with a proscenium.]

The Prior proscenium will only work with our theaters with adaptations for the depth and curtains.

The Folk theater proscenium requires a three-dimensional structure, which can be placed in front of and attached to the front of the Large basic theater, but is usually built as a custom theater.

We do not have basic Extra Large theaters at present, but they can be made on special order. The Extra Large theater would be built to use the A size sheets and large C size figures. The proscenium is the Extra Large Royal Proscenium.

Please Note: We are not shipping wooden theaters outside the contiguous United States, due to postal rates and methods. If you are interested in purchasing a theater from Alaska or Hawaii, please let us know, and we will let you know the current shipping status.
We can not ship wooden theaters outside the US.

These theaters can only be shipped by UPS Ground.
No Post Office Box addresses can be accepted by UPS.
Due to the amount of work to prepare and pack the theaters for shipping, please expect about 1 week for them to be shipped, plus transport time.

Small (D-size) basic theater*
Approximate measurements:
Overall front height  26" x front width 22"
(with floor, total width is c. 24")
depth  15-1/2" with side frames
basement height 4", projection depth 1-1/4"
Arch opening:  11" high x 11" wide

$175.00 each plus
$34.00 shipping and handling**

Only shipped to within the
48 continental United States
See shipping note above.

Total Price $209.00 each

Temporarily out of stock.
Please email us for availability.


Large (C-size) basic theater*
Approximate measurements:
Overall front height  40" x front width 30"
(with floor, total width is c. 35")
depth  26" with side frames
basement height 6", projection depth 1-1/2"
Arch opening:  13" high x 16-1/2" wide

$219.00 each plus
$89.00 shipping and handling**

Only shipped to within the
48 continental United States
See shipping note above.

Total Price $308.00 each

Large Pegasus Style basic theater*

This theater is designed to fit the Pegasus proscenium only.
The Pegasus proscenium is included with this theater.

The proscenium needs to be mounted on appropriate cardboard, and the curtains pieced together and mounted, and they need to be cut out after mounting. As in other prosceniums, the mounted proscenium , and basement front, is then attached to the wooden theater front, and the curtains are hung or mounted as desired.

The theater arch (stage opening) is wider than the regular large size and is slightly shorter.
The Pegasus proscenium was originally published by the Danish "Family Journal" magazine to build a theater on which to perform the plays they included in their magazines.

To use our average Large (C-size) scenery, you may need to use shrinking curtains to narrow the arch opening. However, the wider arch gives space to create more layers of wings and give the impression of more depth. A play that was intended for this proscenium originally is Christofer Columbus.

Approximate measurements:
Overall front height  36" x front width 32"
(with floor, total width is c. 35")
depth  24" with side frames
basement height 6", projection depth 2-1/2"
Arch opening:  12-1/2" high x 21-1/2" wide

$230.00 each plus
$89.00 shipping and handling**

Only shipped to within the
48 continental United States
See shipping note above.

Total Price $319.00 each

Temporarily out of stock.
Email us for availability, after May 15, 2016.

* Safety Note: These theaters are not intended for use by young children.
They contain small parts and should be kept away from children or pets who might remove and/or swallow them, or misuse other parts. Parental supervision is recommended if used by any children.

Sharp craft knives and/or sharp scissors, are required to prepare printed scenery, figures and theater parts. Parents must use their own judgment as to the skills and acceptability of this craft for their children.

** Shipping for this size package falls into the Dimensional Weight category. In other words, shipping companies charge by the size of the box and what weight it might be able to contain, rather than the actual weight. This results in much higher rates of shipping. In this case, the average box for a large size theater is priced at about 90 pounds shipping, even though it only weighs around 32 pounds.

If your shipping address is considered a commercial address by UPS please let us know, otherwise all addresses are considered residential, which is a slightly higher rate than commercial.