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Simple Simon - Box Theater Set


BOX-SS  -  $30.00 for the boxed set

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This is a newly created paper theater in a box from Oldfux.
It is designed after the theater built in 1817 in Helsingør, Denmark, on the initiative of the town's dramatic society. Until then, theater had been financed and dictated by the tastes of king and nobility, but the Helsingør Theater was entirely the middle class's own stage. It was built by local builders and paid for by the local citizens, who also performed on stage in amateur productions.

OB-SSprosIn 1961, the Helsingør Theater was moved to The Old Town Museum [Den Gamle By], in Arhus, where it is one of 75 buildings from 22 Danish towns. As the Helsingør Theater stands today, it is the oldest theater in Denmark preserved in its original form.*

This paper theater is designed after the proscenium of the Helsingør Theater, so when you perform the play "Simple Simon", it will look as if you were performing for an audience sitting in the original theater!

OB-SSc The size of the proscenium is 10 inches high in the center, and about 12-1/2 inches wide. The arch, or opening, is  4 inches high and 7 inches wide, and the figures are approximately  2-1/2 inches tall.

OB-SSdIt is printed on light cardboard, and includes the proscenium, curtain, figures, forest/path backdrop with four wings, castle hall with four wings**, sheet with strips marked for making the "sticks" to move the figures, illustrations to set up the theater (the box itself is used), and the text for the play, in English, Danish and German! Please note this is a short version of the original Hans Christian Andersen story.

The proscenium, backdrops and wings are pre-notched to set up in the box, but some cutting is required on the proscenium (the arch and optionally the top) and on the wings. The figures need to be cut out and attached to their "sticks". An art knife or small scissors and paper glue (not included) are required. Supervision is required for small children!


BOX-SS  -  $30.00 for the boxed set

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* Excerpted from the text included with the Simple Simon Toy Theater set
** Only two of the wings are shown for each backdrop