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Post Cards


Figure Postcard - PC-1993
8.5" W x 5.25" H
Figures are 4 to 4.5" tall, and can be used in a large theater
$1.00 each

Figure Postcard Set - 8 cards
5.75" x 4.125"
Figures are 1 to 1.5" tall,
for mini-theaters(?) or just as is.
Great for writing to friends and family, to gain their interest in model theater!
Postcard Set - PC-1-8
$6.00 per set


toyimages/PC-1-8b toyimages/PC-1-8g toyimages/PC-1-8f
toyimages/PC-1-8e toyimages/PC-1-8d

PC-RP Royal Proscenium
note card
5.75"W x 8"H

Temporarily out of stock

PC-DB74 Harlequin & Columbine
8"W x 10.5"H
Figures can be used in a
large size theater
Temporarily out of stock

PC-1903 Danish Winter Scene
note card
6.5"W x 4"H

PC-14 Casino Proscenium
note card
6" x 4"H

PC-K-010  Winter Church
note card
6.5"W x 4"H

PC-K-011 Winter Burrow
note card
6.5"W x 4"H