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  Priors - Interiors     Priors - Landscapes 
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Large Priors Interior Sheets

Most of these sheets are reprints of Alfred Jacobsen backdrops and wings, printed by Priors. Some sheets are printed on both sides, creating a translucent effect when used with back lighting.

The full backdrop sheets measure approximately 17 inches wide by 12 inches high, except the sheets numbered P-004 through P-070, which are the same height, but narrower. The sheet numbers are based on the original Alfred Jacobsen numbers, preceded by  P for our purposes, except for the 600 series, which are reproductions done by Priors.

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Prior sheets on this page are priced as marked.
Please note that item numbers which are followed by the letter "R" are "Rare". In other words, they are in limited availability, and therefore may be priced much higher than other sheets.

P-047-048-R Turkish Hall Set
Backdrop & Wings
$18.00 per set


P-062-R Cellar


P-024-R Green Room
AJ, sheet 24

P-018-R Green Room  
AJ, sheet 18

P-019 Ship's Cabin
AJ, sheet 19
See also sheet P-022.

P-044/054-R Red Room
Backdrop and Wings
AJ, sheets 44 & 54

P-022 Soffits and Harbor
AJ, sheet 22
Center piece is the soffit for P-019 cabin, and the bottom horizon can be used for same set

P-058 Telegraph Station

P-066 Telegraph Wings

P-129  P-130  P-131
Set of Three Sheets

P-129-131 Knight's Hall Set
Backdrop, two middle curtains and set pieces
Also includes an alternate use for backdrop as middle curtain, with castle wall and tower.
Set $21.00

P-370   P-371
P-370-371-R Green Parlor Set
Backdrop, middle curtain and set pieces
Includes birdcage, chandelier, and Renaissance table which can be used with P-539, below.
NOTE: These are original Alfred Jacobson sheets, printed in 1921, 2 sets available at listing.

 P-361-R Dungeon
$15.00 each

Out of Stock
P-524 -R Cottage Room

For a similar reprint sheet,
see D-023.

 P-389-390-R Church w/mid-drop
includes several set pieces

P-372 P-372
P-372-R  Ship's Cabin - Translucent
$17.00 each

  P-366 Armory Hall

P-365 Hall with Fireplace

P-398 Rococo Room

P-539-R Renaissance Room

P-549 Sitting Room

  P-550 Barn
Note: P-066, above, can
be used for wings


P- 609 Dungeon

P-613 Old Living room

P-614 Old Living room
Middle-drop with "Live" furniture!

P-610 Rococo Hall

P-625 Attic Room
[not an AJ sheet]

P-626 Attic Room
[not an AJ sheet]


P-631 Parlor

P-632 Parlor
Middle Curtain, set pieces

P-637 Bell Tower

New! P-255-C-tree
Christmas Tree
(Color laser print)
$3.00 each


P-623 Oriental Hall