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Scenery Stands

stands small
Pair of stands

standwing small
Stand with small
(D size) wing

standwingmask small
Stand with wing
masked on side

These scenery stands are designed by Fritz Kannik.
They are made in pairs of left and right stands, and the scenery or wings can be slid down so that they touch the stage floor and do not allow back light to show underneath.



They are made of galvanized steel with a plastic binder strip for added vertical height and attachment of the scenery to the stand support. They are suitable for both large and small size theaters. They can also be used with slide-in scenery, either taping them in place, or slitting the base board and inserting them from the bottom.

Height of the metal upright is 4-1/2 inches(11.5 cm). The plastic binder strip is 11 inches (28 cm), which is the maximum height of actual support.  The base is 2-1/8 x 2-7/8 and the width of the upright is 3/4 inches.

These are hand made of sheet metal, and should be carefully examined for any remaining burrs or rough places prior to using. Use a file to remove them, if any are found.

STANDS -  $7.75 for a pair

Quantity (pairs):