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Mounting Prosceniums and Curtains for Model Theaters

Disclaimer: We will provide tips and links to supplies for our visitors to explore, but we have no control over their safety, manufacture or use. We are not responsible for your decisions of what is best to use in your situation!

Proscenium suggestions for Small Size theaters

There are two ways that I have been doing the small prosceniums. The first is that I glued the un-cut proscenium onto black cardboard (mat board that is black all the way through so the sides of cut edges are black), and cut them out in the arch and on the outside edges. Then I used hook and loop tape squares (such as Velcro) to attach the cut out proscenium to the wood front.

I later discovered that all the work with cutting pasted up prosceniums on the outside edge was not necessary (the work being difficult to cut through the cardboard), as long as the black cardboard was the same size as the front structure. When the cardboard is the same size as the wood front, the proscenium can be cut out along the outer edges prior to pasting it up to the cardboard. The bottom edge, of course, must be lined up evenly with the bottom edge of the cardboard, and centered to the cardboard. The paste must not extend beyond the paper, or must be carefully wiped away if it should squeeze out. After is has been pasted in place, pressed, and is well dry, the arch can be cut out of both the cardboard and the proscenium print. The whole thing can be attached to the wood front of the theater with hook and loop tape squares.  This way the edges and fine outer detail of the proscenium will not be broken or worn, and it will not curl. It can also be easily exchanged for another proscenium.

Curtain suggestion

The curtain is also mounted on black cardboard and it is held up with a report binder, which has been rigged with two small cotter pins in the "spine" of the report binder as eyes for the “ropes”. Again it is easy to exchange the curtain so it matches with the proscenium. 

If you have a model theater tip or trick you would like to share here, please email it to us, and let us know that it is alright to share it, and if you want your name, and/or email included.