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Individual Lights for Model Theaters

Safety Notes: Please use safe electrical practices, and avoid hot lights near flammable objects. Never leave your theater unattended while the lighting is turned on. Avoid using extension cords, especially across places where people may walk, including yourself - as it is easy to forget!

Disclaimer: We will provide tips and links to supplies for our visitors to explore, but we have no control over their safety, manufacture or use. We are not responsible for your decisions of what is best to use in your situation!

Individual objects can be lighted with very small bulbs, and powered by battery packs, or even with doll house lighting systems. The set shown here includes individual lights in the table lamp, a wall lamp and on the Christmas tree.

Click the images for larger views!

The table is mounted with a base and stick of wood, which in the scene are well hidden by the wings in front of it. The chair is cut out separately but attached to the front of the table. The lamp has a very small stick (toothpick?) glued behind it to support the thin area. The bulb is attached (by its wires) directly behind the table lamp. The wires are soldered to the bulb and run along the wooden stick and down to a battery pack with an on/off switch. The wall lamp has similar rigging, as does the Christmas tree, with its multiple lights. Miniature "rice" light sets, found in Christmas stores, can also be used for the Christmas trees.

Click on the images below for larger views. Use your browser's back button to return here.

Stage seen from side.
Stick for table is
in center.

Theater seen from
side rear, showing a curved horizon in place.

The table's stick
with the battery pack
seen below stage.

The table and chair
mounted on a wood
piece and stick.
You might notice the lighting control panel in the second photo, which allows the performer to control the regular lighting. This entire theater is mounted on a table which is adjustable in height by hydraulics. It is set up with fabric curtains from floor to ceiling on each side of it, and with curtains at the base of the theater and above the theater. The curtains adjust as the table height raises or lowers, and allows the performer to adjust the stage level to the appropriate eye level of his seated audience.


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