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The Pantomime Theater

These are reprints of a set of sheets for a small theater designed after the "Pantomime Theater" in Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark. The curtain, as in the original theater, is designed to fold down in "feathers" like a peacock's. Set includes four sheets of proscenium, curtains, set and figures, plus two sheets of directions (in Danish) with illustrations. No translation available at this time, but with a little creativity, the illustrations will help to build the theater.

Click here for photos of a Pantomime Theater, showing the wooden theater built to work the Peacock curtain.

 The size of the proscenium is 10 inches high in the center, and 14-1/2 inches wide. The arch, or opening, is  4 inches high and 6 inches wide, and the figures are approximately  2 inches tall.

Sold only as a set of 6 sheets. 
Sorry - Temporarily Sold Out

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